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#1 - 2013/04/03 09:08:00 AM
mm hunter/demo lock. I know, not the best team, but we're not talking 2200 here!

cant get to 1550 no matter what. Both know our classes well, have macros/focus macros, know about cc chains, we dont just run in and and try and nuke, we discuss strategys, we're both fully geared/gemmed/enchanted. I've read demo guides, watched videos...

yet we cant even get this achieve?

I beat most people I duel outside ogri (I know demo is OP 1v1 but still). We both are almost always top damage/KB in random bgs (I know this counts for nothing, but surely it shows we arent complete noobs..)

WHY are we so useless? I just dont get it. We can sometimes win 8 games in a row, but then quite easily lose 8 in a row.

It's maddening!

We are getting a healer for 3s which I know are more balance, but why are we so bad? I know 2s is imbalanced, but 1550? It's embarrassing!

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#17 - 2013/04/03 03:27:00 PM
I’d say not to stress too much about it, 2v2, like others have already said, is a very peculiar bracket, at the moment there are lots of teams that only do 2v2 to cap Conquest Points, as they tend to leave the more serious PvP for 3v3.
I think 2v2 started to shift towards this sort of activity since we removed 2v2’s eligibility for t2 weapons and shoulders some years ago.

But things are different now so I expect 2v2 is going to start to get a bit more of attention from serious PvPers.
5.2 removed the 2200 rating requirement, and 5.3 will make T2 gear merely cosmetic.

So what does this actually mean for 2v2? Well, it means that players who happen to enjoy 2v2 more than 3v3, will finally be able to get the best PvP gear (in terms of ilvl) by playing exclusively on the bracket of their own choice, they’re not restricted to 3v3 and 5v5 anymore.
I suspect that this isn’t going to be a sudden change but slowly you will see more players dedicate themselves to 2v2.

Still, we can’t escape the fact that 2v2 is the perfect capping bracket, it’s convenient, easy, and fast to get someone to cap Conquest Points with you at any time, so there is always going to be some level of entropy and unpredictability in 2v2 due to high rated players (in other brackets) stepping into low MMR 2v2's just for fun and points.
There is also the generally accepted argument that 3v3 is more balanced than 2v2, which I tend to agree, even if I personally prefer to do 2v2 myself I still go to 3v3 when I want to do any serious PvP.

So my advice is, if 2v2 is your favourite bracket, stick with it. (Maybe consider changing specs/comp as this bracket is prone to being dominated by specific comps that benefit from very high synergetic effects)
With practice you will eventually be able to get higher ratings, but if you’re willing to try other brackets, you should definitely try 3v3, since right now it will probably be much easier to go higher than 1550 there than it would in 2v2.