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#1 - 2013/04/03 08:43:00 AM
Posted by PrimeEvil on Diablo 3 forums, because he currently has his WoW license frozen. Reposting it here according to his request.

My purpose with this topic is to ask a question that can make you angry or something, but I have explained many times and also to Mike Morhaime that World of Warcraft was and will always be my favorite game, and unfortunately, and I am sorry for having done this but my only experience with WOW was in private servers that are illegal and because at the present time I can't pay a monthly fee to play my favorite game, and i do not just say favorite just to say it but WOW is so rich in history, in the scenarios, the characters themselves, the world itself is fantastic.

My sugestion/question is if you are thinking making WoW free to play? I mean not completely but you could make the game itself free but certain things such as the best equipment, certain mounts, rewards, etc., were only available to players paying subscription fees and the other opting for free to play option could have normal equipment, some mounts, level up normally but the key would always be present, that is the chance of us who love WOW to enjoy the fantastic lore of the game . For example I feel somehow frustrated because I bought all from Vanilla WOW to WOW Cataclysm but I'm not willing to ruin the game of my life on illegal servers.

I understand if this may seem like a frustrating issue but i had to express my thoughts and ideas, and in my opinion you would have much to gain from a free to play model even with certain restrictions for free players. I have to say that if that day will come i will not think twice to play and enjoy WOW.

You guys are awesome thanks for the patience and big hug to all the team!

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#13 - 2013/04/03 12:44:00 PM
To address the initial question there are no plans in place to make World of Warcraft Free-To-Play, who knows what the future will bring but you can be certain that if there was ever any plans to change the game model that it would be announced through the usual methods.