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#1 - 2013/04/03 02:55:42 AM
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#80 - 2013/04/03 02:48:00 AM
"Hello this is game master Bob how may i help you?" Sure their employees would abuse their powers here and there and show up next to you and fix a bug or something.

A Game Masters appearing next to you is in no way an abuse of power. At times, depending on the situation they were able to do so. To clarify, they could not "fix a bug", they may have a work around that would allow the issue to be resolved temporarily, such as despawning an NPC so it would reset.

I've had these people making new characters to message me minute after minute of every day, i keep ignoring them. So, as a reasonable person would do, i ignored them. Sure i told them to scram a couple times but i didn't do anything against their terms of use.

I'm afraid from at least one exchange that I found you did much more than "tell them to scram", Deljin. You actively engaged in a public conversation with at least one person using some extremely inappropriate language yourself. In fact, the language that they used would be mildly inappropriate at best while yours... lets just say if you had been reported for it, you'd would likely be unable to play for a few days.

I am in no way excusing any of the behavior that you have experienced, Deljin, or that you have felt harassed by this person, but such action by someone does not give you permission to violate our policies in turn or otherwise escalate the issue entirely.

I can assure you that we take harassment of any kind very seriously, especially that which falls under the category of ongoing. However, in order to help certain protocols must be followed.

For someone using inappropriate language it is important to use the right click report option. Our In-Game Support staff is generally unable to accept reports of those types of violations through a ticket.

It is important to establish a history, so for harassment it is essential that you place the person on ignore and do not engage in conversation with them, or about them. If they circumvent the ignore feature by creating an alternate character place that character on ignore and report it via an in-game ticket. Make sure you state this is an ongoing harassment issue and that you have placed the characters on ignore and that they are circumventing it.

I requested a transfer due to my "ongoing harassment"

We simply do not provide a character transfer in such situations. If you are experiencing harassment that falls under "ongoing", the appropriate action is to follow the above guidelines. If you wish to transfer to avoid such interactions, you are welcome to do that, but otherwise we'd need to follow policy to address the situation on a whole.

They should at least give the player a name change free. I mean, they used to flag peoples' accounts for name change all the time. Ah, but that was the OLD Blizzard, of course. Silly me.

You may be operating under some false information or assumptions, Aldrian. We never provided a name change in such situations. Partly because simply changing a name in no way resolved such situations since every list that the character may be on (i.e. Friends, Ignore, Guild, etc...) updates with the new name as soon as it is changed, but primarily because it is best to address the alleged violations of our policies. We would only flag a character for a name change if the name violated our policies.

They made 26 million dollars off the little key chain protectors alone.

It is best not to use unsubstantiated accusations as fact, nor is how much a company may or may not have made relevant to the situation here.

Contact a lawyer. Tell Blizz that you are hiring a lawyer to look into the matter. Watch how fast it gets fixed.

That would make no impact on how the situation is handled. We have specific policies and procedures in place for harassment. What is done is based on those policies regardless of who you are, if you have one or twenty accounts or if you have an attorney on retainer.

So to sum up.

1. For those using inappropriate language, use right click report option, Report For: Language.
2. Do not engage in conversation, especially those that violate our policies with those that you are accusing of harassment.
3. Place the character on ignore. If they intentionally circumvent ignore place that character on ignore and report it.
4. Do not engage in conversation, especially those that violate our policies with those that you are accusing of harassment.

While we will not be able to provide any information regarding what actions may or may not have been taken, we will look into these reports and take what actions are appropriate.