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#1 - 2013/04/01 08:50:00 PM
I was in a LFR for Throne of Thunder first part when a rogue pulled trash and wiped the group, After that i asked if we can kick cause he pulled on purpose to wipe the group, He was in there with friends so they all were saying he didnt do anything when i have screenshots of him doing it. After that he said And i quote "[Removed]" This is in the game all the time and blizzard doesnt do anything about it, Im tired of having people call me names because my skin color. I hope someone from blizzard sees this,
I am going to email the screen shots to blizzard also.

It was the N word he said since blizzard blocks it.

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#61 - 2013/04/01 10:42:00 PM
This is in the game all the time and blizzard doesnt do anything about it

That folks use inappropriate language, both clear and masked, doesn't mean that we do not do anything about it, Ezholy. We do, quite often actually.

If you encounter someone using inappropriate language or subject matter please right click on the offending chat line. That will not only place the person on a temporary ignore but also forward a report for review.

go to player portrait: click on report and reason: saying inappropriate things listed as "racism" and it is offensive to me, then let blizzard handle it. they won't tell you the outcome.

To be clear, the right click options through the character portrait are for names and cheating/exploitation. In order to report something that someone said you must right click on the chat line.

Additionally, that someone personally believes a word is offensive is entirely irrelevant to the actions that we may or may not take. We look at the language and subject matter used, it is either deemed to violate our policies or it is not. How you may feel about it does not change that outcome, so making such a statement in a stuck is not necessary.

The reason im doing this is because blizzard NEVER does anything about this kind of stuff in the game, They only care about money.

Those are two statements that are very much not true. For the first, I believe there are a good number of folks out there could confirm that we do enforce the policies that we have set. Others who frequent the forums will see the occasional post when it happens as well.

It is important to use the tools that are available to report those activities though. If they are not used appropriately then yes, we won't be able to do anything.

As for the second, it is easy to simply throw up your hands and say "well, they just care about the money". Such statements usually are made without any true understanding of what that means. We're a gaming company, of course we care about making a profit, it's what keeps the lights on and allows us to do what we love, work on more content and develop games. That doesn't mean we don't care about the game, most of the policies we have in place would be because we do, a great deal.

People play a game for the content but also for the environment that they spend their time in. So having a great game is only part of it, you also must have an environment that folks want to spend time in.

You may come across people you do not get along with, who you consider to be jerks. That is part of being a social game/environment. Though we cannot micromanage player behavior we have established specific rules that govern what type of behavior is appropriate. Specifically using inappropriate language and subject matter goes against those policies. If you encounter folks who are using profanity or inappropriate subject matter, use the available feature to report it so it can be looked into.

Now that doesn't mean a bolt of lightning will descend from the sky to smite the offender, if you are looking for that you will continue to be disappointed. These reports are used for all subsequent investigations and if a violation is found, appropriate actions are taken based on the severity of the violation while also taking the history on the account into consideration.

We believe in giving folks a chance to learn from their mistakes so immediate account closure is rare but if someone continues to violate these policies, even in a minor way, that adds up.

I am sorry that you have had a negative experience, Ezholy, I hope that you will use the tools available, and encourage others to do so as well. Doing so can only serve to make the time you and others spend in Azeroth more enjoyable.