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#1 - 2013/03/28 03:10:00 PM
I hope it wont be this painful.

As you can see I level up paladin and I feel frustrated, bored while leveling up.Iv been lvling whole day and did just one god damn level, just one !!!And I have to stop, gather some strenght for next full of pain leveling up to 90.

Its so painful.

Why Blizzard did not uipgraded heirlooms up to 90 level, Why they force us to experience this whole sh!tland of trilions quests again on our alts....

I even enjoyed more Cata leveling than this thing.

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#17 - 2013/03/28 04:15:00 PM
Yeah I know thats why there should be heirlooms up to lvl 90 for those who do not enjoy questing.

Even if you do not enjoy questing it's still part of the game the developers want you to experience. There're already plenty of perks out there to speed it up, but it's always been the case that current expansion leveling takes longer than previous ones.

If you have already leveled one character to 90, remember you can also make use of the rested experience from inns. That will always be useful. Otherwise, don't despair and try to enjoy the adventure, the developers have dedicated tons of effort and dedication to make Pandaria the best leveling experience yet.