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#1 - 2013/03/28 01:29:00 PM
This thread is intended to answer the most commonly asked questions on the PTR forums. Please review this document before using the Public Test Realms or the Public Test Realms Forums.

1. FAQ – PTR Info and Rules:
2. FAQ – Setting up the PTR:
3. FAQ – PTR Bug Reports:
4. FAQ – PTR Character Copies and Pre-Made Characters:

1. FAQ – PTR Forum Info and Rules
Forum Info
This forum is for discussions about the current EU PTR servers. Issues regarding the current live servers should be reported in the appropriate forums.

Forum Moderation
This forum will follow the same general code of conduct as all other World of Warcraft forums:
Additionally these forums are moderated much more strictly than many of the other World of Warcraft forums. Please only post constructive comments here. Any off-topic or non-constructive posts will be deleted (yes deleted, not locked, not moved) in an effort to keep the forum from being cluttered. Players who insist on being disruptive in this forum will have their posting privileges removed.


Q. Why was my post deleted?
A. As said before this forum is more strictly moderated than other World of Warcraft forums there are a variety of reasons your post may have been deleted:

  • Duplicate posts
  • Non-constructive or combative posts
  • Off-Topic Posts
  • Inappropriate language
  • Questions already covered in any of the stickies

Q. I can not download the PTR patch, can somebody post a mirror?
A. No. As Blizzard can not verify the integrity of files downloaded from other sites please refrain from posting links to alternate downloads of the PTR client.

Q. Nobody has responded to my thread, can I bump it?
A. No. All threads are read in the order that they are posted, bumping does not accomplish anything.

Q. I heard a rumor…
A. Unless you read it from a Blizzard representative then the rumor is most likely untrue. Reposting it in this forum only spreads misinformation.