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#1 - 2013/03/28 09:11:00 AM
-Just my opinion, feel free to troll and hate me if you feel it's needed-

I just read the patch notes and if i got it right they are scaling down higher itemlvl pvp gear in normal bgs to make it easier for lower geared people to play? This doesnt make sense, i thought you geared up just for this reason ._.

Blizzard, you might as well give everyone full gear to everyone once they hit lvl 90 now, for every patch you deliver, you give us new reasons NOT to build up our pvp ratings to get higher gear, we are so bored now because there are no useful rewards at all now. I thought this was a mmorpg not some fps game where you just enter a match fully equipped and can start owning.

You have to understand that instead of making the game funnier for noobs who whines about higher geared players oneshotting them, you are taking away the feeling of being rewarded from this game. I hit 2200 in 5v5 yesterday and first i was like yeaah rewards oohh forgot they removed that, well guys why do we even sit here wasting our time i dont really care about the ugly transmog pvp sets anyways!?

T2 weapon should be at 2200 arena rating again to give players a reason to become good in pvp. Probs 2400 rating in rbgs for T2 in my opinion.

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#4 - 2013/03/28 09:40:00 AM
There is already a rather long thread about the changes coming for PvP and its gear in patch 5.3. Please do not create multiple threads on a single topic, add to the active discussion here: