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#1 - 2013/03/26 10:05:00 PM
before i say anything about what my concern is, let me just say.

This game looks amazing, as a WoW TCG fan im excited to go back to my roots without having to go 32 miles to get to a comic shop with people actually playing tcg. If this plays out exactly like the card game, you guys are genius. And if any questions of mine would be answered, id actually like to know if you will have dungeons and raids like in tcg? or maybe they can be purchased?

but no matter how excited i am, a friend scared me by saying this might be an april fools attempt.
since he told me you guys teased new dungeons for wow last year, and there wasn't.

if it is, i will kill myself..

in wow, repetitively ..

and if its not, pick me for beta NOW

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#4 - 2013/03/26 10:40:00 PM
Here is our official response:

"Hearthstone is not an April Fool's joke!"

Hearthstone is an amazingly fun CCG that we're currently enjoying too much at work. ;)