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#1 - 2013/03/26 02:06:00 AM
Really, why people say TBC was the best expansion?

Unless you where a Warrior i dont see the reason for it.

For me it was the worst expansion ever.

Did people forgot those attunements? did people forgot about the dead specs?

You want to do a heroic dungeon? do you have cc? sorry cant invite you.

Oh a protection paladin! Sorry only warriors can tank.

Unless you where on a raiding guild or enjoyed arenas, there was no content for you exept doing heroic's untill the end of the expansion.

I used to be a mage during Vanilla, and reroled Paladin the moment TBC opened, worst mistake of my life.... i spended the entire expansion just spaming flash of light on tank, using 4 diferent ranks of holy light, and rebuffing blessings every 15m.

Want to go retribution? lolret.
Pvp with ret? lolret and no resilience for you, hell we dont even had a proper set for ret.

I remember people asking vanilla server's back in the day, and now many people says TBC was great.

I am having a blast right now, i can play any spec and class i want without people bashing me, i can see content without having to sacrifice my life.

the only good thing's i can see from TbC was the raids, they where some of the best, and the sence of community, everyone knew each other ( specialy if you where a healer or tank).

Other than that i cant see why people praized TBc so much, its all about nostalgya i guess.

sorry my English.

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#59 - 2013/03/26 05:59:00 PM
The Burning Crusade was a great expansion.

Sure, it had many things that over time have evolved and probably all of us can find something that we just don't want to see back (I, for one, welcome the removal of attunements for raiding, but that's just me, in fact, on this very same page of the thread you can see people saying it was the best thing).

Every expansion has had its highs and lows, even Vanilla did (that's why you see people speaking of the good old days). For some folks, Wrath was the best expansion, for others it was TBC, for some others it was Vanilla, for others, it was Cataclysm, and so on.

For example, TBC introduced heroics, and we still have those today. Sure, the concept of heroics has changed a lot, but it was introduced back then, and not all of them were easy (now you have Challenge Modes, which are just as hard, if not harder, than those released back then). It also introduced Badges of Justice, which would then evolve over the years to become the Valor/Justice Points system of today... and so on.

It's understandable then, that if you like those concepts, you may consider TBC the best expansion ever. For players that like the concept of Heroic raids and bosses tuned to be *uber hard* probably Wrath of the Lich King rates as one of the best expansion.

On the other hand, just as it happened back then, we'll probably learn to value every expansion when we leave it behind. Such was the case with TBC (I remember people arguing that Vanilla was better), with Wrath, Cataclysm and so on. And funnily enough, we also had, as well, people saying that the next expansion would not cause us to miss the current one.

So, why the TBC love? Because some people loved it. And for some it was the best gaming experience they could have had at the time (or perhaps the best gaming experience they've ever had).