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#1 - 2013/03/25 04:25:00 PM
I asked a serious question about Blizzards stance on the increasing casual racism in General chat. the thread got diverted to a conversation about changes to names and as expected Blizzard ignored the question and lock the thread.

I know racism is not an issue for the mods and many of the players (maybe they have just never been on the receiving end of it), but I dont want to have to play on a server, or have my kids play on a server, where colour is used as an insult.

To be clear, this is illegal in the UK and can result in service providers being prosecuted if they are not seen to take reasonable actions...and if someone said of these things to my face rather than behind a keyboard, they would not enjoy what happened next (but I accept that most of these people would never have the guts to do that :) ).

Anyway, I still would still like an answer to the question from Blizzard, or a suggestion as to how I get one. So can a blue respond please.....

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#7 - 2013/03/25 04:51:00 PM
As Hagut replied to your other thread I feel I should reply to this. Our stance on racism in any shape or form has not changed, nor will it, we have a zero tolerance stance towards it.

In your original post you mention that you reported a character's name and although they were punished and forced to change it they chose to use another name that would violate our naming policy. Unfortunately we're not in a position to follow up on every name change we issue to make sure that they have now chosen a name that is appropriate but we are in a position to follow up on subsequent reports of the player and take more severe action towards them if they repeat the offense.

It would be ideal to say that you and your children are free to play on a server where you will never see racist comments or inappropriate language but with this being an MMO and with so many people active that would be a bold statement to make, this is why we have the language and profanity filters in place as well as the report feature.

There will never come a time when racism is tolerated in our games.