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#1 - 2013/03/24 08:43:00 PM
The latest trend on my server is for overt rascism. There was a lot of abuse on General about black people and I reported using the 'language' facility but also raised a ticket as this seems to be getting out of hand. A GM told me that I should put people who do it on ignore and if they make enough comments Blizz will take some form of unspecified action. Last week a reported someone whose in game name was 'N*gg*r' (funny that I can't write this word on a forum but a player can have it as their name) and all that happened was a name change to 'Backtoblack'. The individual concern /w me to tell me that he knew nothing would happen and laugh. The question I have is why don't Blizz take this seriously? People know that they can make derogatory comments about black people or jews and that nothing will happen. Do Blizzard turn a blind eye because they are greedy and need the money, or because they tacitly approve of rascism. In the UK posting overtly rascist comments in a public forum (which I am told would include online games) is illegal and can lead to prosecution should the provider fail to take action. So Blizzard...what's your excuse?

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#30 - 2013/03/25 02:17:00 PM
Hello Wuffajoo,

24/03/2013 21:25Posted by Dottie
I can guess "we take this kind of breach of the naming rules very seriously, please report anyone you see with names like these and we will deal with them appropriately."

Exactly this, if a name violates our policies and it's reported, action will be taken on the account. If a player decides to violate the policies, again, further action will be taken. To quote our Account Penalties support article:

Though taking disciplinary action is never pleasant, we must take action against certain individuals in order to maintain the quality of service for all. Keep in mind that even if our penalty system is a cumulative one, some penalties may incur more severe actions at the first occurrence.

If you have any questions regarding the naming policy, or the account penalties we can apply, check the respective links:

Naming Policy
Account Penalties