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#1 - 2013/03/20 07:08:00 PM
So I bought a transfer (25$). In fact, I was planning on buying a few more transfers from some other accounts I have had over the years (probably about $100 worth) so that I could consolidate a lot of 90s, mounts, achievements, pets etc. that I have had over the years. I mean, this makes sense right? That's why Blizzard did account wide achievements - right? So that we could have all of that cool stuff on all of our chars and not feel forced to only play ONE char, right?


Blizzard's official policy now is that mounts, achievements, bind on account items AND NAMES, are not ACCOUNT bound and can't be transferred.

So, I transfer my 90 Horde Paladin, and I'm telling everyone all of the cool stuff I can't wait to have on my new RAF account that I made with a real life friend (oh hey, that's another $100 worth of stuff that I bought). Nope. My paladin has

  • No Mounts
  • No Pets
  • No Titles
  • No Bind on Account Items I earnedHere's the best part. I don't even get my name. I don't not get my name because someone took my name. I don't get it because it's BOUND TO MY OLD ACCOUNT. So what do I get?

    I get a stock 90 blood elf paladin. That's it. Nothing special about it, it's an old 90. A paladin I could replicate in 3-4 hours. Not the paladin that took me hundreds of hours to make. A paladin that takes MAYBE 2 weeks to level to 90. So you expect me to drop $25 on a 90 paladin that takes 2 weeks to make? I don't get anything special about my old character?

    Who makes your business decisions and why are they not fired? This is one of the stupidest business decisions I have ever seen ANY business make. Who is going to buy a transfer but twinks who want items you can't get anymore?

    Have fun seeing all that transfer money dry out!

    Edit: And no I'm not quitting. I like this game. I like this company, usually, but this is a great way to not get more of my money.

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    #28 - 2013/03/20 07:51:00 PM
    It seems that the the moderation team felt this thread was better suited for this forum. Since I already covered the original I'm going to lock this one.

    I didn't get to keep my name because it's bound to my old account for 90 days which forced a name change on me.

    Just to clarify in this thread.... When a level 30+ character is deleted that name is placed on a 30 day cooldown. During that time it can only be used by the account that held the name. Because of the way transfers and faction changes work the character is essentially deleted and recreated during the process. While the second account may be under the same name the system only recognizes that it is not the original account thus it does not have access to that name for 30 days.

    Yeah, I made a new Battlenet. I had a trial already on my old Battlenet, and you can't make more than one trial (even if you are paying for the other one immediately to upgrade).

    Actually, yes you can. Using the Recruit a Friend invite you'd be able to create a new Starter Edition account with it. You'd just want to make sure that you upgrade the correct account when it came time and not the old trial.

    In addition to that you can contact our Billing and Account Services department by opening a ticket through the Support Site and ask for the extra Stater Edition to be removed.

    Will Blizzard allow me to merge my Battlenets? My information is 100% the same.

    I said this in the other thread but yes. If the information matches they should be able to help move the new World of Warcraft account onto your main account.