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#1 - 2013/03/20 04:22:00 PM
I have never ranted at Blizzard, usually I laugh at those on the forums posting their "I am tired of this stuff". Never did I think my day would come...but it has. Yes, I am so aware of what is to come from my fellow players after I post this. And yes, I know Blizz wont care about this rant.

So here I go anyways.

I have been a dedicated WoW player since launch. Early on I became ill and closed my account. I opened a new one less then a year later and have been, for the most part, an avid player.

Since I can remember dailies were a part of the game, I get that and to some extent they CAN be enjoyable. However, Blizz has hit us with a daily bat, no..a machete? Or maybe it is a grenade? Anyways.. they hit us so hard with daily's that it has become a time consuming, tedious, never ending chore.

I have two toons I love to play and I am not willing to give up one to do dailies on another. On that note, I can not get ANYWHERE in the game unless I get those dailies done. So, for the last 3 months I have spent anywhere from 2-4 hours a day getting dailies done on both toons. I then have no time for heroics, LFR's or PVP. JUST....NON....STOP.....GRIND!

Now, I am not saying "NO MORE DAILIES!!" but....

this is where I get pissed

COME ON!!!!!?????? WHY SO MANY DAILIES! AND THEN YOU ADD MORE????? MORE FREAKING DAILIES!!!! IT WONT END! (at this point I feel like Francis, but I digress)

I just got all that crap done and you added I went with it, you added the rep increase to make it go by a teeny tiny bit faster, then you added the farm rep dailies.....sorry but that is just not good enough!

I don't-wanna' stop playing....I really, truly don't and that is why I am so FREAKING PISSED, I am not willing to do these daily's anymore, I can't.....I am burned out on them completely. I feel like my hand was forced to quit playing my favorite game, I am so sad, angry and resentful.

So...yeah...there is it....

**big deep breaths**

*Edited to remove some inappropriate language. Expressing your feedback about something for the game is always welcome so long as it's constructive. Please try to keep it constructive. Thanks- Nethaera

Update: March 20th 2013

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some of you are right, I left out my personal idea of resolution and why I am even doing the dailies.

I do feel obligated to do them.

Reasons include but are not limited to:

-In order to max the plots on your farm you must do the dailies also to get tokens to buy specialty food for cooking.
-For a long time in order to get gear to raid you had to have a specific rep standing in addition to so many valor's to buy the gear and that is still the case for the new stuff.
-Doing LFR's and heroics will not get you into a raid team anytime soon, you are lucky to upgrade one item MAYBE two a week from LFR OR with Valor and rep standing.

Therefor in order to get in to a viable raid you must do the dailies. Now, no the new stuff is not so bad. Bad news? I am already burned out from what I just finished to even comprehend doing more, even a little.

What part of burned out from before is not being comprehended?

My resolution!

I would love the option to pick between doing dailies or using a tabard and grind the rep in LFR and heroics...WoTlK had it's pros and cons. One pro was ***TABBARD REP! ****

(FYI, I am a she not a he)

Update March 21st

At this point in 5.2 between the IoT dailies, heroic daily, PVP dailie, scenario dailie and the weekly LFR runs, Bizz has found the perfect medium. we can do the things needed for rewards and still have time to raid, PvP or what ever we enjoy to do on the game.

Problem is like I have said over and over
-Everyone is burned out from MoP.
-We all know there is more to come as the IoT is unlocked

For those that say "no one is ever happy, there is no happy medium". That is untrue. There is a happy medium Blizz just found...but it is a little too late and it is too late to change what is to come.

My response to another poster who felt like it was ok to bash me was this, and I say it to those who also feel they need to bash people about expressing their thoughts.

"I had no idea letting blizzard know how I feel was QQing, being childish, trolling or anything else of the sort.

When did telling a company that provides a product that you pay for how you feel about it become abominable?

Let me put it to you this way I have spent $1,260.00 (that is rounding down) WAIT! No dubble that becuase my husband also plays. So that is $2,520.00, between monthly dues, xpacs and whatnots. This is MY hard earned money that I have given to Blizz to provide a product I enjoy.

Now I have also spent over a year and a half of my time between all my toons.
And before someone tries to quote this and say but you said before you have played since launch, this is my calculated "total time played"

I am expressing my anger over ONE issue, I think between my money and my time spent I have earned that right!

Ok, so some say "stop playing". I shouldn't have to flush that money and time down the drain. I should have the right to say, this is not what I want, and I still want to play. I still want to give you my money and time. However, you have to work with everyone here.

If I was THE ONLY one who felt this way...then I could see the trolling.....and in that respect I bow and apologize. But...I am not.

Or wait....did it become socially unacceptable to voice an opinion???"

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#13 - 2013/03/20 04:37:00 PM
I think one of the issues is not the amount of dailies, but the feeling that they're mandatory. We don't have any VP items on the new 5.2 daily reps (not technically true there are a couple, but they're low enough ilvl as to not feel mandatory for raiders), and we'll see how that feels for everyone. There's also not a lot of clarity about what you should be doing to progress in the most efficient way. If you hit 90 today you'd be wise to run some Heroics and only do the 5.1 dailies until you have the ilvl to queue for 5.0 LFR's, and then progress to 5.2 LFR, and you can probably ignore pretty much everything else. That is, if getting to 5.2 raids is your goal.

But that's the important question, what is your goal? Why are you doing all of the dailies? What are you looking to accomplish? If it's to see the raid content then certainly working on all of the dailies every day is not going to help get you there, or at least not very quickly. And like you said trying to do all of them every day can really eat up a big chunk of time.

We have a lot of level-cap questing content because there are a lot of people that just like questing, and it's there and gives some reward for doing it, but if you don't like that kind of content we don't want for it to feel mandatory. 5.2 was one step in that direction and if it feels like a good compromise for everyone we can keep going that way. If you want a big shiny dragon, sure you'll have to spend time on dailies, but it won't keep you from being able to progress smoothly, or feeling like you're missing out on an avenue of progression.

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#156 - 2013/03/20 06:08:00 PM
The problem is dailies have become Blizz's go-to solo pve content for each new content patch.

5.1, what was the new pve solo content to do? Dailies. 5.2? Dailies. LFD/LFR que's are so long, you can either sit in town, or do the only new content - dailies. People look forward to the content patches for NEW stuff to do, and when the only option for pve solo content is dailies, of course they will be sick of it.

If we could produce unlimited amounts of content we would, of course, but the laws of physics unfortunately prevent it. Having repeatable questing content gives people who enjoy questing something to do. You're being unfair by glossing over LFR and dungeons because of queues. If you don't want to wait for queues you can build your own group and zone into the dungeon, like you did before (and dailies existed then too!), but the fact of the matter is that it's still more convenient despite the queue times. Or, you could play a tank or healer and spend no time in queues. :) That's always an option.

If you have other solutions I'd be happy to hear them.