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#1 - 2013/03/18 04:39:00 PM
Right, as the title reads, I cant find a single argument out there against implementing 1v1 arena, other than added development time for developing a system that doesnt let people change spec while in arena queue.

How this would work, you queue up for 1v1 arena, you can ONLY meet people of your spec against you, to clarify even more, if you queue up as a windwalker monk, you will only meet other windwalker monks. How is this not balanced?

All windwalker monks have access to exact same sets of skills as you do, I ask yet again, how is this not balanced? ><

As for regarding healers/tanks, either ban those specs from 1v1 arena altogether to stop the complaining from people not being able to kill their opponent (lets say holy paladin vs holy paladin, or prot warrior vs prot warrior) OR, implement a 100-200% DMG buff for those specs in 1v1 arena. If it's too hard to code it into the current arena system, make two separate arena systems and disable the client from being able to queue for both simultaneously.

While it is true that the game is an MMO (and apparently most people think that playing with others 24/7 is a part of your MMO experience, wich I personally think is bogus, noone wants to hang out with people all the time), either make 1v1 not reward gear, only rating, or add other incentives to do 2v2 3v3 5v5 aswell. (although 1v1 as suggested earlier on would be the most balanced setting, thus making it unlogical to not have it give any actual rewards, such as gladiator titles/mounts/gear/etc)

People have been asking for 1v1 dueling grounds for years, wai cant we have the nice things :(

I'll try to monitor this thread for a while, if anyone comes with a good argument to not add 1v1 arenas to the game, other than ''wow is a complex game, adding new system is hard for developers'' I'll give up and keep on grinding my teeth playing with people I don't even like.

Keep in mind, as you discuss this topic, that this suggestion is entirely for Specialization based 1v1 arenas/dueling grounds, not just random 1v1 arena where you meet other classes/specs.
^ serves as TLDR.

EDIT: (Sorry for grammar and mistakes in my post, been staying up for quite a long time and english aint my native language.)

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#22 - 2013/03/19 01:25:00 PM
Generally speaking, content in WoW has always been implemented in a very inclusive way, no one should be left behind, we try not to discriminate classes or specializations in terms of access to content, otherwise we would see players shift to classes that would have more and better opportunities, I mean, why gimp yourself from the start by choosing an underdog class or specialization?

It’s like you said, a 1v1 bracket wouldn’t be viable for way too many specializations, and this means that any kind of rewards associated with such a bracket would probably not be a very good idea.
I mean, I think it’s still a fun concept, only facing your own class and specialization is probably one of the most accurate ways to assess your own individual skill level (if you play enough games), maybe this could work in skirmishes (if/when they return) since there are no rewards, basically ending up being some sort of automated duelling matchmaking system.

In the end it’s like you said, this would probably need way too much development time, and I suspect not that many players would use it, I suppose if you can convince devs otherwise maybe there is a chance, but given that skirmishes weren’t updated partially because the interest on them was rather low, I suspect making a case to implement 1v1 skirmishes is going to be even harder.

This all comes down to the number of players that would actually benefit from such a feature. And I suspect that the answer is clear: not that many. This is also quite redundant given that you can already duel players, which is basically a more open and free implementation of 1v1 competition as it’s not restricted to class or spec, players are free to choose with who (and if) they want to duel.

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#25 - 2013/03/19 02:20:00 PM
We would definitely like to have them back; but I would say it's still a "maybe" leaning towards a "yes".

Check this out at 26:12 and this WoW Insider article.