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#1 - 2013/02/24 09:14:00 PM
Hi boys and girls

So im in this position where I want to create a tank alt and I just cant decide on what tank class to choice between.
I dont really care which tank-class is the best, they all seem pretty balanced in their different ways imo.

Im more interessted in the fun factor so give me ur opinion on the funniest tank class to play and why you think that plz.

ty for the replies.

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#36 - 2013/03/18 09:21:00 AM
Any class that is available to a gnome (warrior dk or monk) Nothing in wow is funnier than seeing a small gnome hold a large boss model while the rest of the raid (who are 3-4 times the size of said gnome) pound on the boss. For extra fun use the dalaran cooking spice that shrinks you.

Remember to dye the gnome's hair pink!