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#1 - 2010/11/26 10:38:00 AM
How can I subscribe to a new thread I create on the forum?
How can I subscribe to a thread I'm contributing to?


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#8 - 2013/03/06 03:47:00 PM
I know this is a necro. But still applies.

Will we one day be able to subscribe to threads?....

Couldn't be bothered to open a new thread for exactly the same topic.


Unfortunately I cannot say yes, but I also cannot say no... It is a feature that we agree could be cool to have on the forums, but we do not have immediate plans for it at this point in time.

06/03/2013 15:22Posted by Shammoz
send private messages.

Too much potential for hate mail I would think.

Not only would there be a great potential for abuse, but also unwanted spam messages. One should never say never though, it might happen if we can find a good way to implement it without these nuisances :-)