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#1 - 2013/03/05 02:23:00 PM
Im on a dead realm and still gearing, so LFR is great fun for me, ive been expecting to do new raids this way starting tomorrow... But i see they will be available next month... omg WHY?

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#10 - 2013/03/05 04:25:00 PM
Yea first part, exactly, while all parts should be there, dont care about no hardcore raiding people that think wow is their life, and how HURT they would feel if little longstride could do lfr... SHEESH!!!!!

And those hardcores that you do not care about could just as well say that they don't care that you are not able to just waltz in an slay Lei Shen in the first week ;-)

We are trying to take the interests of both casuals as well as hardcores (and everyone in between of course) into consideration with the staggered release of the Throne of Thunder raid.

You may not approve, but we feel it is fair compromise for everyone if the players who prefer to use the Raid Finder gets to experience the content, but not so soon that Lei Shen is being farmed for weeks via the raid finder before normal/heroic raiders even gets to have a go at him.

Having the end boss of a raid dungeon on farm status via the raid finder diminishes the epic feeling of defeating that boss for the first time in normal/heroic raids, and we would like to avoid that with Lei Shen as much as possible - at least in the beginning while the raid is still fresh for the normal/heroic raiders.

We know that the players who raid primarily via the Raid Finder want to see the new content sooner rather than later, and to accommodate that we plan to release the first two wings faster than the last two.