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#1 - 2013/03/05 02:25:00 PM
I was wondering about this question for a while .
I am very much casual player. Do not have time for some serious raiding , but I loved tanking hcs. So pls do not call me elitist , because I am not.
Why are harder hcs important ?
These days new players does not need much skill to go to hcs ( almost none in my opinion ) , things like interupt , cc or even some group discussion are not necessary. So how can new players learn to play their character properly ?
Moreover there is no challange in boss encounters and they are easier then LFR !
From tank point of view.I do think hcs should be made harder. For example zandalari difficulty was O.K. i think. It was wipe fast to pug those in first two months. But after that , people get used to it . I almost every time made a timer for mount drop. Tanks had to know what to do and lead a group this is probably what I miss the most , beeing a grou leader in HCs. Good tanks have to always figure out strength and weakness of each group and play accordingly.
DPS have to know how to dps , do some nice dps output of course in raids was expected higher but for hcs it was ok. People could not have been allowed to be carried , everybody have to pull its own weight.
It was really end game content for 5 man runs.
I do not think that current "medal dungeons :D " can be considered end game content for 5 men runs. Since its horrible to find a group for these plus if there is some group ppl require to already have golden medals. And you cannot run them everynight for fun which is sad.

So if there are some fellow casuals just like me , post your opinion. Hope this will not change into flame war :D

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#3 - 2013/03/05 02:43:00 PM
I would like to them to bring back some strategy to 5 mans for sure.

When I look back I so much more enjoyed the dungeons where we had to cc certain targets else the group would wipe, interupt abilities, the group working together basically. Instead of a 15 minute race through a dungeon in complete silence without so much of a scratch.

If you haven't tried them yet, I'd recommend you visit Challenge Modes. They difficulty level is higher than in Heroics, and it's actually one of the most efficient ways (if not the most) to cap your Valor Points each week. Especially if you can clear them within the Gold time requirement.