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#1 - 2013/02/26 10:18:00 PM
Hello, i would like to introduce myself for starters,i been playing this game for around 5 years in PvP and always loved the outland community and most importantly World PvP it offers here and ive been apart of this for most of my play time on wow.

Im disapointed that Crossrealm Zones have ruined Fun World PvP server events what i created on Outland with the help from my own guild called Honor Capped.In wotlk cata etc there was lag however this is very easy to get around and never cause me a problem unless you have a bad grapphic card.

The problem i have is that Cross realm servers have now ruined all chances of World PvP due to the phasing it creates every time we do 40v40 battles,Mop was surpose to be the return in world pvp for me and i feel its killed the aspect of it.We have done some research into this and found that if you go to Tol Barad there isnt any crossrealm zones and here we can PvP 40v40 WITH OUT PHASING.

Now im not saying that lag never happend before mop but phasing is the biggest problem for us and i really hope you guys can either update servers or just remove the crossrealm zones because at the moment your servers cant handle it.........

This isnt a moan because ive been ganked or anything im disapointed that i cant create World PVP events larger than 20..... when i have a guild of 500.

I ask and i beg that someone please from blizzards team will look into removed cross realm zones from certain servers.Outland is the last server with World PVP on a scale of what it was in Vanilla.

Here is proof of the lag and phasing that comes from doing world pvp battles vsing Guild vs Guild Before the battle Both sides charge Healers can heal anyone or even see there own players also causing some people to Lag and even DC.
Video proof

I want this looked into because at the moment this is becoming a joke!

Regards Destinite,Outland EU.

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#35 - 2013/03/04 01:30:00 PM
This is definitely strange, I mean, CRZ has the capability not only to coalesce low populated areas but also to split high populated ones into several copies, but I can understand how frustrating it must be if this happens to you while you’re in the middle of all the action on a big WPvP fight.
That being said, I’ll be sure to pass this info along to the devs, I know they’re constantly tuning CRZ and they have improved the system quite a lot since it first launched, still, I’m sure it can still use some tweaking as we can see from the videos you just posted.
If we get any info on this we’ll be sure to let you guys know. Thanks for all your feedback and sorry for the somewhat late answer!

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#56 - 2013/03/05 03:11:00 PM
04/03/2013 14:29Posted by Ishayu
Why would you ever implement something like that...

The tech simply exists, doesn’t mean we turned it on, or that it should be on.
It’s there because there’re some situations where it can be a helpful resource; imagine that the WPvP video that was posted wasn’t about two raids but about fifty 40man raids fighting each other.
I know it’s a ridiculous number but just go with it for illustrative purposes.
So 50x40 = 2000 players on the same area…

Now even if the servers could handle sending all the combat data from 2000 players’ actions to each one of those 2000 players + all the player’s data(specs,glyphs,equipment,talents,race,gender,etc) + spatial positions + pets data…
And let’s imagine everyone would have enough internet bandwidth for it.
How would your CPU+GPU be able to process all that data without impairing gameplay?
Even if there were no tech problems, would it be fun, good gameplay to fight against one thousand opponents in a small area? (remember there’s no character collision)

So you see, my point is the tech itself isn’t bad, it just needs to be adjusted to a reasonable number of players / conditions so that gameplay is improved instead of hindered.

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#69 - 2013/03/08 12:35:00 PM
We’ve got an update on this subject,

Devs believe that what is happening here is not actually a result of realm coalescing.
It looks like this probably has something to do with another tech we have in place to reduce a player’s AOI (Area of Interest) in crowded areas.

This can have many consequences, for example, you’ve probably already noticed that when you fly by some terrain at high speed you will often see objects and characters appear and disappear very fast, this dynamic loading usually works great, and allows for better and more fluid gameplay. The thing is, loading too many things at once can drastically decrease the performance due to the intensive and sudden workload spike that it can cause on the CPU/GPU level but also on the connection level due to internet bandwidth typically being limited.

Devs will look into this more carefully on the programming side of things. They’ll try to find out if there are any spells, items or anything unexpected that might be hogging too much memory and cause dynamic loading to be prematurely activated.
Ultimately, we think that these massive world PvP events are a great and fun way to play the game, we want to make sure that the experience is as good as it possibly can be, and that things like dynamic loading aren’t impacting these events, at the same time we need to certify that server performance remains unaffected as well.