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#1 - 2013/03/04 11:57:00 AM
I heard a couple of weeks ago that Blizzard agreed that there should be more vanity items.

And with that, they should be implemented in patch 5.2.... I've yet to hear anything from them. I can deal with having barely any gold and being forced to grind for it when i need gems and enchants, but i like vanity items. They are fun.

Getting new vanity stuff at higher ratings would be lovely, separate for both RBG and Arena ofc.

Introduce new vendors to offer vanity items, bring a bit of story back to PVP?, maybe reputations for PVP? like we had in Vanilla, instead of mindlessly doing BG's because you need to. Give us reputations to fight for a cause on the battleground. Allow new transmoggable sets per BG for each class. Come on blizzard, the world is your oyster!



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#6 - 2013/03/04 12:39:00 PM
More vanity items in PvP, as we have said many times, are something that we would like to do. We understand that only having power upgrades as rewards in PvP is not something that the community enjoys. At this point we have an aesthetic and strong weapon enchant available to PvP'ers which has both a rating requirement and conquest point cost.

04/03/2013 12:01Posted by Eldárion
bring back arena tabards and gear sets for certain rating would actually make people improve in the game
This is something we hear a lot whenever vanity rewards are mentioned in PvP, especially the request for tabards. We know that players would like additional incentives and goals to achieve higher ratings in PvP, outside of just item upgrades. In the future we hope to add more vanity items as rewards in PvP, unfortunately at this time we have no new information on what those vanity items will be or how they will be awarded. :(