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#1 - 2013/03/01 08:33:00 PM
There is a schedule for Raid Finder and I don't remember the schedule for Raid Finder and I don't know if we have posted it yet, but you would anticipate that the Raid Finder is broken up into four segments, I think three bosses each.

I think it's the first three bosses open up a couple of weeks after the patch launches and then every couple of weeks we will open up another wing for Raid Finder.

He notes that he doesn't remember, and that's just what he thinks is happening. Was he right? The 'Raid Schedule' part of is still marked 'coming soon'.

I'd expected the first wing to be delayed a week, if it's multiple then may have to buy another upgrade or two with valor now to avoid that cap.

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#9 - 2013/03/02 12:38:00 AM
We'll be announcing the raid schedule for you guys shortly before the patch goes live.