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#1 - 2013/02/18 07:07:00 PM
Why is it pve players are never forced into pvp but pvp players are always forced to pve? (if they want the best gear that is)

How are we supposed to go about getting a decent weapon before rushing with conquest?? oh yes thats right pve... (glad this is changing in 5.2)
Besides our medallions what other trinket is most powerful to run with?? oh yes thats right, a pve trinket.. (they are very much outperforming PvP trinkets and based on what we have seen of 5.2, are likely going to continue trumping PvP trinkets again)

There is a massive portion of your gamer base blizzard that plays your game for its fantastic pvp gameplay and not necessariy the PvE.

Is there a way to balance this out so you dont have to PvE to stay competitive?

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#409 - 2013/02/25 10:26:00 AM
Not sure if someone already did, but:

Meta-gems and Trinkets
All of the PvE Legendary meta-gems, the Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen and Rune of Re-Origination now have a reduced chance to proc against players. We're not crazy about hidden penalties like this, but we don't want PvP players to feel obligated to pursue these raid items in order to stay competitive.


So, they are working on it.
Just going to highlight Holýcow's post to make sure that it's visible to everyone.

We understand that many PvP'ers don't want to feel obligated to participate in particular areas of the game, such as raiding, in order to remain at a competitive level. The changes that are noted above hopefully reflect that concept as we want to ensure that the trend of PvP gear being best for PvP combat remains the norm both now and going into the future.