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#1 - 2013/02/22 06:33:00 AM
Every few minutes i get disconnected..

If it helps any, I'm on the Brill Server doing Brawlers guild.

First time I was on my warrior, and got dc as i attempted to click "Release Spirit"

It kicked me off, and I logged back on, and got "Error Retrieving Character List"
After a few seconds it went away, and I was able to get back on... (Or so I thought)
Once it finished loading, it gave me another Error... "A Character With That Name Already Exists"
So I give up on that one..
Get on my warlock, and my warrior is still in the game.. dead xD
So I finish one fight, and get kicked again...
Same Error...

Give up, and switch servers to "Broxigar"
Try my mage... "Character not Found"

Try my hunter...
Start at "Veiled Stair", fly to shrine, get kicked, and log back on... Still at veiled stair...
Repeat this 3 times and give up for the last time xD

Guess I'll give Live a try.. been meaning to cap my priest sometime this week anyways ^_^

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#18 - 2013/02/22 06:22:00 PM
We're aware of this issue and are currently looking into it.