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#1 - 2013/02/21 11:30:00 AM
My PvP dmg is embarrassing, I was full epic PvP rogue in Cata and though never top dmg I was mid pack, I put it down to how I liked playing, more cc than dmg.

At the mo - you might think I m a healer from my dmg, I cant kill anything, I m no threat - am I a bad rogue? I see more slipperiness in 5.2 but no increase in threat.

Any help anyone?

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#6 - 2013/02/21 03:34:00 PM
5.2 will bring quite a few changes to rogues, plus there's still time for some tuning, for example, GC just posted this yesterday:
- Envenom damage +20%.
- Dispatch damage +15%. [source]

Regarding the "no increase in threat", I’m not so sure, we'll have to see when 5.2 goes live, PvP requires a fine balance between damage and utility and the latest changes in the PTR patch notes seem to bring quite a few utility perks so it's at the very least “different” from what it was, we'll have to see if the balance in PvP is just right and adjust numbers accordingly.
After reading the notes and possibly playing on the PTR, what’s your feedback on it? What do you think still needs tweaking, focusing particularly on sub and assassination for PvP?