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#1 - 2013/02/20 08:45:00 AM
Hello Rogue community! I have a few questions, as a total PvP newb that I hope I can get help with. I haven't participated in competitive PvP since vanilla, and to be completely honest, I feel lost!

As I understand it, the current PvP season is 12, scheduled to end in March. Two currencies, Honor and Conquest. There will be (or currently is) crafted PvP gear to start with, and the rest is bought using the currency.

Now, coming from someone who has never PvP'ed outside of a battleground, I went to read up on Arena. But the wiki page seems outdated for proper information, and I was hoping to get from you guys the proper information on participating in them. Is there a specific website or database PvP'ers frequent?

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#6 - 2013/02/20 03:49:00 PM
Hi Maglars,
And welcome to the PvP side of the World!

20/02/2013 12:15Posted by Maglars
What is a good team up class for a Rogue?

2v2: Mage; Shadow Priest; Feral Druid; Rogue; Ret Pala, ... Double dps is fun!
You also can check the top teams and filter by class on our community website. That should give you a good perspective.

20/02/2013 12:15Posted by Maglars
Is it better to go 2v2? 5v5? Or is that a personal preference?

I’d say it’s about personal preference and logistical reasons.

Until 5.2, there was a big reason why people played 3v3/5v5 over 2v2, which was t2 weapons, these weapons of higher item level required you to have a very high rating but excluded ratings from the 2v2 bracket, so a lot of players switched over to 3v3 when this change was introduced.
But alas, here we are again, 2v2 will be viable once again for t2 weapons because the rating requirement has been abolished with patch 5.2/new season. Now it’s simply a matter of how fast you can reach the required amount of conquest points before you get to grab your new t2.

Personally I love 2v2’s, always did. For me it’s mostly about the simplicity, the awareness and the control that you can get in there. There’s also generally better communication in 2v2 because it’s easier to talk between 2 people, and you don’t have to necessarily lead the game, it can be 50/50, whereas in 5v5’s there is usually someone clearly identified as the leader, responsible for calling all the shots and switches, and it has to be that way because otherwise it would be complete and utter chaos.
3v3’s are really fun as well, I still prefer 2v2 though, it’s much easier to play without a schedule, if you and your friend are online then you can immediately queue for it. The chances of everyone on a 5v5 being online at the same time without a schedule are certainly much lower.

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#21 - 2013/02/21 02:52:00 PM
20/02/2013 16:37Posted by Kaldea
@Taepsilum Do you play a Rogue yourself, or just partner up with them?
Both actually.
Rogue was my very first character in WoW, I tried it during beta and I ended up enjoying playing with it so much that I stayed true to my first choice when the game went live.

20/02/2013 19:21Posted by Grommul
Screencapped in case it's just a phantom.
No phantom, just murloc. Sorry for the intrusion, I reckon I should have knocked first.

I just want to play for entertainment for the few hours I get to play. I enjoy WoW because I have enjoyed the Warcraft games ever since I first played Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.
I'm just here to have some fun!
Zug zug!
You sound like my kind of murloc! Person! Er… Canine.
Hope you find Arenas entertaining; 2v2’s are certainly a great fit for those who don’t have much time to spare and can’t commit to a schedule.

20/02/2013 20:20Posted by Maglars
they may have super powers. But that's only a rumor.

I don't know if it counts but I can run for as long as I want and not even break a sweat, on the other hand I literally can’t stop running, it’s like my legs have a will of their own, I bet that silly human who likes to call me an "avatar” must have managed to spill some coke over his keyboard and got the autorun button stuck.

20/02/2013 20:40Posted by Maglars
So winning is a must. Crap! =p

No worries, after a few games the matchmaking system will start to match you against teams that should be around the same level (gear+skill) as you, so even if you lose a few games while the MMR rating begins to calibrate itself, eventually you will fight against easier teams, or harder ones, in case you win too much ;)