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#1 - 2013/02/13 11:24:00 PM
So everyone seems a can I be delicate...tightly wound..?.. on these forums, at least recently, a lot of splurging going on. So! Let's lighten up a bit, I saw this on MMO-Champion a while ago (a real while ago) and it's probably been on here but, it's time to admit your noob errors when you first started playing!

So on old accounts (now lost to the depths of forgotten passwords and pre mergers) during the final months of TBC me and a friend set out to conquer the world of Azeroth, after deciding it had better graphics and horseys than Runescape. He, a mighty Human Paladin named Rorik and me, a delirious Gnome Warlock named Wooba.

For the first hour or two we mostly spent our time /cheer'ing and telling /silly jokes.

After completing our starting zones we were shocked, absolutely SHOCKED that the game progressed beyond that. We thought level 10 and killing boars by Anvilmar was IT. Little did we know there was an entire continent to be explored...and then another one! AND THE OUTLAND!!!

Then we /cheer'ed some more.

Me and my friend didn't know what talent points where and we got all the way to level 50 without using a single point.
Much to the amusement of everyone else on Kul Tiras...

And we didn't know that dungeons were designed for 5 players. We two-manned everything and spent a lot of the time dieing.

Speaking of dieing it took us a while to figure out that perhaps the Horde cities didn't want us walking in and talking a look around...

We also didn't understand the difference of need or greed, and preferred the dice picture. So we clicked need on everything. We got reputations as ninjas but we thought this was good. I mean...ninjas are cool right?

Later we decided mounts would be good and so, with 1 silver and 3 copper in our pockets we set off, thinking this was a lot of money...

So! Please post up your most embarrassing mistakes! It delights me endlessly.

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#117 - 2013/02/14 07:14:00 PM
I remember playing my druid... swinging a Strength mace in caster form with the ocassional moonfire and Healing Touch at lower levels... (just as a reminder, Moonkins didn't exist back then).

So, if you were an outsider, you'd walk past this fella swinging his mace in front of an owlkin and taking hits like a boss, rather than casting moonfire and wrath from range... Basically, bringing a whole new level of truth into the word "hybrid".

The lesson was basically this. (At some point later I actually decided to go feral, and later balance...)