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#1 - 2013/02/09 11:09:00 AM
EDIT: Added EU (first thread) Tally results.

OK, in the early days of wow, when the time had reached a certain hour, the whole world got darker. It was beautiful and spooky at the same time.

For reasons put forward by the devs; to make it more playable at any hour, they removed the darkness at night.

So now, we have a bright daytime and when the clocks reach the hour that is "night", the skybox changes a little and nothing else.

For example, standing in Orgrimmar at night. If you didn't look up and see the skybox is now stars, you wouldn't be able to tell that it's night time at all. The ground is just as bright as the daytime and the shadows cast are from a sun that isn't in the sky.

Nothing kills my immersion more than bad lighting. It's not just bad, it's obvious.

There's been hundreds of threads on this subject, and none have been taken seriously so I put up a petition to bring back the night time. Share the link around, maybe they'll listen. - Daytime. - "Night time" - Some examples of night as it used to be.

Come on guys, it isn't a night time if the world is just as bright as it is in the day. BRING BACK THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN NIGHT AND DAY!


Since the other thread has hit the posting limit, we'll just continue here.

To those who do not want the night back (and if you look through the threads, there are not all that many at all) we have a solution. A slider that controls how dark you want the night. The tech is already there and has been for years.

We've had a blue response to the thread.

Wow! Alright alright, we hear you. This seems almost like a unanimous opinion on this thread…
We’ll let the devs know how you feel about this ;) Link to the other thread here. (Post capped). Link to the first US thread (post capped.) Link to the 2nd US thread.

Also, below are the Tally results for the first EU thread. I will add more tally results after I have counted them up and got the wife to verify them.

  • NO: 4 (1.01%)
  • Yes, but needs options / Unsure: 8 (2.03%)
  • YES! BRING BACK THE NIGHT!: 381 (96.9%)Please bare in mind this was the EUs first thread (post capped).

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    #68 - 2013/02/14 04:44:00 PM
    So, in the original thread we mentioned we'd make sure the devs knew that many players out there (not just here in EU, but also on US forums) want to have darker nights in WoW...

    While there's nothing to announce, what we can tell you is that they'd like to see a depper day/night cycle brough back into the game.

    Some of you have speculated about why nights were made brighter and we just wanted to let you know the change was purely an art decision.

    If it does come back at some point in the future, it wouldn't be as dark as some of you have suggested through screenshots (pitch black, or very close to pitch black) because it's very important to see mobs in dark environments, though.