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#1 - 2013/02/12 12:40:00 AM
Hello I've decided that I want to make a new character on an RP server. I've also decided that I want him to be a member of the Cult of Cthulhu. However I can't decided what's the best class or server. So i just wanted some suggestion. For classes I'm tied between mage and warlock. Warlock fits well, but Ice Mages Element kind of fits Cthulhu's sea theme. Also does anyone know a RP sever with a good H.P. Lovecraft community? Thank You.

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#22 - 2013/02/12 01:50:00 AM
02/11/2013 05:25 PMPosted by Undraxis
Don't u guys realize the more you talk about Cthulu the more likely he will awaken from the depths and eat our faces off?

I thought that was Hastur.

Hastur. Hastur. Hastur.