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#1 - 2013/02/07 11:50:00 PM
Over my years playing this game, I occasionally encountered players who were older than the stereotypical gamer. By 'older', I mean between 40 and 70, and up. I met many more when I participated in the Guild Mentoring Program.

I learned that the number of grey gamers (as I call us) is actually quite large. I also learned that their existence and their numbers seems to be a really well-kept secret. It's just never discussed, not even in Trade. However, we're there. While we are different, there have been a few things in common. Like me, some of them started 'gaming' with box games like "Last Emperor of China" or "Battle of the Bulge", where little cardboard squares printed with silhouettes of military pieces would do battle on large paper maps with a hexagonal grid overlay. Many of us discovered (and still play) Dungeons & Dragons in some form or other, and then discovered computers ("Eye of the Beholder", anyone?). Now we're filling the ranks in World of Warcraft.

I'm interested in learning of your experiences in WoW as a grey gamer, or if you have a grey gamer in your guild or your family. You may have a grandparent who recently discovered how much fun the game is; or a grandparent who started *you* in the game and can still kick your can in PvP. Or you may be the grandparent (or that age group), perhaps retired, perhaps still working toward Freedom 85 (yes, 85) and find in WoW the perfect way to unwind. Here's a good place to be heard.

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#195 - 2013/02/08 11:01:00 PM
I am not grey. I have shiny silvery white (a few) and definitely won't be old until maybe my 90s. Maybe. ;)

Many gamers who started in the days of coin-op arcades and the first take-home console are into their 40s now. As I like to remind people, there's no aging in gaming. ;)