Regional FlagInvocation on PTR: no cooldown, heals 80k in 2.6 secs.Source
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#1 - 2013/02/06 09:33:00 PM
So invocation together with the glyph now lets mages heal themselves for 20% of their health whenever they want. The channel time is app. 2.65 with haste and crit.

I tested it with a friend, me on ele, him on mage.
I was free casting (no cooldowns) and he was free healing.
Couldn't get him below 80%, since he heals for app. 30k every second and my cast are app. 1.5 seconds.

So we tried something else. How much could he cc me and heal himself for?
Dragons breath: App. 100k heal in that.
Imp CS: App. 80k heal in that.
Sheep: Full heals obviously.

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#83 - 2013/02/08 01:55:00 PM
We hear you, we really do. I’d just like to reinforce that it’s only PTR so don’t get overly upset about it, but please do continue to keep providing feedback about it, this is exactly when it’s needed the most, it’s one of the core reasons we have a PTR realm in the first place and we really do appreciate your help with tuning and balancing the game during this important stage.

So… Invocation. Duration and healing got reduced by 50%, it does seem like it should end up being the same “on average” as it is on live but I do realize that it’s actually not, it’s probably a lot more powerful for PvP as it is on the PTR right now.
I mean, the healing ends up being the same (on average, as in “healing per second”) as it is now on live, but the important fact that we have to retain here is that the heal only comes at the end of the cast, and in PvP that means a lot, it means that you can get interrupted and get no healing or DPS buff from it.

With a 3 second cast and no cooldown, things change; First, if you do get interrupted you will be able to cast it as soon as the interrupt effect wears off; Secondly, interrupting a 3 second cast (can be shortened by haste) is much harder than a 6 second one, so chances are, a mage will be able to complete his Invocations with a lot more ease.
Devs are still evaluating everything about the PTR, there isn’t much that they can’t tweak if they feel it’s necessary.
I hope that my reply is clear enough in the sense that it provides you with enough certainty and confidence about your point of view being understood, we’re definitely not ignoring you, we’ll evaluate everyone’s feedback like we always do, and you can be sure that it will be conveyed to the developers.

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#264 - 2013/02/20 02:57:00 PM
Just wanted to provide an update on this subject.
As some of you probably already noticed, 5.2 PTR patch notes have been updated and now read:

- Glyph of Evocation now causes the Invocation talent to restore 10% (was 20%) health after completing an Evocation. [source]