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#1 - 2013/02/05 03:15:00 PM
the title says it all, what music do you listen to while your on your leveling grind on your alt

Me personally i prefer heavy metal and dubstep.

Heavy metal needs to be albums of a certain band for example, Dream on dreamer, i listen to all there albums and then change the band.

Dubstep is anything at anytime really

What about you?

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#50 - 2013/02/06 02:24:00 AM
Anyone else pick their music based on mood? At least for me, it really depends. Sometimes I want to zone out so it'll be something mellow. Other times, I'm fired up and want to keep it that way so I pick something edgy and fast. Then there are those grand moments where the in-game music is vastly superior to anything else I could choose.