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#1 - 2013/02/05 01:38:00 PM
Posting this on an alt because I just know someone will derail the thread within seconds if I post it on my main top start bashing my class.

Looking at the 5.2 patch notes and latest changes I'm starting to get seriously worried. Some of the changes Blizzard are considering here are so utterly absurd they defy belief, and they primarily center around these 3 classes for some reason. These mostly come from the synergy of several mechanics they are adding at the same time.

- Invocation now removes Evocation's cooldown, and reduces its channeling time and duration by 50%. A completed Evocation now grants 15% increased damage for 1 minute after an Evocation is completed, instead of 25% increased damage for 40 seconds. Passive mana regeneration is reduced by 50% only while Invoker's Energy is active.
- Ice Barrier
- Not yet listed change to Blazing Speed. 10 second cooldown.

Okay, so now mages can break all CC and run away like a mongoloid every 10 seconds. Even if you somehow reach him, he has a massive shield absorbing your damage. If, somehow magically, you get through that while trying to chase him down, he will run away again, at which point you are surely out of cooldowns, and heal himself to full by spamming Evocation. Alternatively, he can simply choose to go for basically wearing plate armor.

- Rogues already did insane burst, but usually ran out of energy before it became a problem. Worry not, however, for now they shall have 20 additional energy and an ability that instantly gives them 5 combo points.
- Even if you somehow get away, Shuriken Toss now deals significantly more damage.
- I'm very worried about Shadow Focus. Does this also apply for the 3 seconds after opening?

Anyway, it's pretty obvious rogues are going to be stunlocking everything that doesn't have a healer on it. And even if they don't and you somehow manage to kite his new baseline Shadowstep, he will simply smoke bomb and kill you with Shuriken Tosses inside of it. Like a baws.

Seriously, how do they even make this up?

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#13 - 2013/02/05 03:00:00 PM
The Glyph of Evocation seems to have been updated on the PTR.

If you have the Invocation talent, a full Evocation will only heal you for 20%.
So, yes a mage will be able to spam it with the invocation talent, but since evocation reduces the channelling time and duration by 50%, this also means that it will heal exactly the same as it did before, since the glyph changed from 40% to 20% Health.

The old Invocation also had a 10 second cooldown, that means that although mages couldn't spam it, it wasn't that much different… Evocation used to last for 6 seconds, that means they would only have 4 seconds downtime on evocation and to be honest, going from 4 seconds of evocation downtime to 0 seconds, is not such a huge difference, because chances are, the first evocation that regenerated 40% HP for 6 seconds was enough of a buffer for the mage to wait 4 more seconds and move away or blink/frost nova/pet nova/sheep and do it again.

Still, I’m not trying to defend the changes here, simply stating some facts and my own opinion, keep in mind that anything is still subject to change and it’s exactly this kind of feedback that we need to make us rethink anything that might need tweaking. Thanks for keeping us on our toes ;)

P.S. Please avoid cursing on our forums, having to delete/moderate posts that actually have really good and valuable opinions but infringe on our rules due to a bit of cursing can be such a waste sometimes…