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#1 - 2013/01/31 12:57:00 PM
So, Hand of Sacrifice dispell all magic effects: GREAT for arenas - OK for RBGs.

Now, let's look at what goes on then:

- Clemency becomes EVEN MORE mandatory than it already is.

- Hey, RBG leader, bring Ret, now he can dispel healers! - But DK have death grip and huge damage, rogue smoke bomb and a lot of control great for ninja, so do feral with divine shield on top of that. Ret bring no peel, no CC to healers in order to kill, no real RBG utility (smoke bomb, death grip, solar beam, symbiosis...)

- Ret is still a 30 secs OP for 270secs dead meat. Outside of CDs Ret hits make no healer pop no CD and there's no pressure for nothing.

- Ret is still dead meat without bubble, WoG heals for 50k, any hit deals at least 20k so we spend 4 GCDs to heal damage taken in 2 GCDs and sacrifice the most of our already weak sustained to do that. WoG is a DEAD HABILITY as it is and no fixes. PVP Power buff will make it heal for 5k more. 10% of 50k is 55k, not game changing.

- Ret bring no CC to peel or hold a healer to land a kill. BoP only works against melee so Ret utility is dead against casters - and a area Fear like SPriests can hold enemy ALL DPS for up to 10 secs, not to mention that BoP do not hold any enemy so a Base can be captured on RBGs.

Now don't take it wrong: dispel on Sac whould be GREAT and help a LOT. But do not fix any of the biggest problems:

1) No RBG leader will want to bring Ret for dispel,
2) Ret sustained is still weak,
3) Ret WoG is still useless and the whole survivability, and
4) all Ret utility is still worse than strong reliable CC.

Now that's FOUR HUGE problems. If 2 of them were fixed, Ret whould be OK. But it's not playable as it is. So:

1) Give Ret something REALLY usefull and RELIABLE for RBGs.

2) Make the bonus PVP 2 piece increase MORE PVP Power after CS to increase sustained. But like 3k PVP Power and for 8 secs. Or anything PVP Ret only to make somebody have to pop any CD or peel a Ret DPSing with no CD up. As it is, healers barely have to heal.

3) Put a !@#$%^- 10 secs CD on WoG and make it heal for DOUBLE for Uther's sake. Make DProt back as ir was and make it break any CC (as Icebound). Bring the Glyph of Magic BoP back. Do something, Ret can't even heal, BoP or Sac anyone on any group becouse Ret himself is the target since survivability is so weak. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.

4) Talents are stupid if Repentance is useless to Ret and you lose a CC with BoG. Rework Paladins CC. Ret need more and more reliable - PVP IS CC so only HUGE OP utility will make up for no strong reliable CC. And even with that, most situations, CC is better. And Remember Warrior have a 1,5min Fear and Ret a 2min Blind. Think about how Blind break with DoT with 6 secs duration and Fear sends enemy away and don't break on damage on 8 secs duration. Think about ALL CC on the game. The utlitity to Arenas and RBGs. You have do DOUBLE Ret CC or cut the other classes CC to half to make it right.

The thing is: dispel on Sacrifice whould be really good. But still leave Ret PVP as the worse spec there is.

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#6 - 2013/02/01 09:20:00 PM
Blizzard seems to be trying to fix it. NEED TO READ THIS.

If that was your goal, I suggest something other than: "Fixing Ret for Rated PVP: Blizz has NO CLUE."