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#1 - 2013/01/31 03:00:00 PM
Gather around, and let me tell you a story about a Night Elf girl, setting out on the adventure of her life.

Krushin was only a young girl when she set the ultimate goal of her journy that is life. Starting at a very young age, she saved every penny she could spare from doing her daily choires for the townsfolk. She grew stronger and richer for each day passing, until one day she finally reached the ultimate level of skill. Even so, she kept saving up gold to finance her epic adventure to find the best looking blade available to any of the races on Azeroth.

One day, she decided that she had saved up plenty to set out, gathered her supplies and ventured into the misty mountains, slowly ascending the Veiled Stairs of Pandaria. Finally atop, she saw a small building occupied by a saleswoman who sold valuable artifacts only to those who could afford spending massive amounts of wealth. They had a little chat, and Krushin was able to purchase a mysterious remnant from back when Northrend was the ultimate place for adventure. It was a Battered Hilt, stained with the scars of battle.

Krushin thought this would be the adventure of a lifetime, and it felt like she was destined to pursue the missing blade to which the hilt belonged. Although, she was about to feel the bitterness of being tricked, lured and decieved. The Battered Hilt she had spent her life savings to obtain, turned out to be nothing but a piece of useless junk. The only ones who could possibly make something of this was the twisted, ferocious and evil Horde. The old auctioneer lady had without remorse or guilt sold her an item of which she had no possible use at all.

To this day, Krushin is still devastated will probably never be her adventure-lusting, happy and cheerful self again.

Why, oh why, she asks herself, did the developers enable Alliance bidding on Horde-only items. She will never know.

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#24 - 2013/02/01 03:08:00 PM
01/02/2013 14:05Posted by Krushin
when I do log on next time, he will have started the questline for me!! I am so happy :D

Glad to hear that everything worked out for you!
Just to make this clear so no one does the same mistake, apparently there's two versions of the item, Battered Hilt and Battered Hilt. You can see the races that can use each of them to accept and begin the quest when you mouseover the item.
Also, here's a screenshot from the BMAH.