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#1 - 2013/01/31 03:01:00 PM
There has been an ongoing thread "Low populated/ unbalanced servers"
The thread has been created 10/11/2011 and now has a total of 212 pages on those pages you can find a number of 4233 posts.

The last time you guys have bothered to give us somekind of responce was 21/06/2012 post number 2518. Have you stopped reading the thread, or now that MoP has come out you have just abandoned us?
There are several players (people) who would like to see somekind of action from you Blues, even if it would utterly avoidant to the subject, but just to see, that you are still at least reading the thread.
The latest FCM that is active atm consists of high/med populated realms (Both from and to realms), so that too is a slap in the communitys face.

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#4 - 2013/01/31 04:28:00 PM
31/01/2013 16:18Posted by Intuitia
What if they got no updates? I don't think its really usefull to give the same info they gave half a year ago again. I am sure they still read it.

We do still read it indeed, if we weren't we wouldn't have extended the thread post cap. We will of course provide updates when we have some to provide. Right now though, we are not be able to post anything new that hasn't already been said on the topic, so a post repeating what was said before is unlikely to improve the mood of the affected people, quite the opposite in fact.