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#1 - 2013/01/31 02:10:00 PM
So, I'm really looking forward to the patch. And because I'm a PvP player I have to grind a lot of honor to get my gear. I figured better to do it once when the patch drops then twice once before and once after..

How soon until the patch is released (estimated) I read some where that it was like 3 months.. But that was for major expansions (such as BC, Wotlk and cata)

I'm sure there's other lazy people who want to know the same thing.


edit: I should probably add that I'm new to wow, so I haven't followed any of the other patches. Guesses estimates and wild speculation are all appreciated :)

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#6 - 2013/01/31 04:21:00 PM
Patch 5.2 release date

I'm happy to share with you Patch 5.2's release date...

When it's ready!