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#1 - 2013/01/30 12:56:00 PM
I got banned on my main DK for 3 days and got my rating reseted .... haha this a joke. You are banning people because they queued into wintraders? Who's fault is it in the first place? If there wasn't even an exploit it wouldn't of happened in the first place. I was just queueing at night with my main team and time to time we would face wintraders because when you play at high legit MMR, this is all you get and I am talking about 2.5k+ but there is nothing that you can do for my account anyways is there? I sent two tickets of this type :

Are you actually kidding me ? I got banned 3 days for Wintrading? Did I actually just read that? I am one of the few players in Outland that has legit rating ..... I even have screenshots and videos of my character playing at 2.8k rating AND earning this rating Legitimately, which I will attach to that message. It is absolutely nonsense, I have played legit since the first day of the season, probably did more than 500 rbgs this season where I PLAYED every single one of the them. I mean can't you check that I have been in every single game and in every single game there is no wintrading? Its not my fault if sometimes we arrived in games and there was not even any single enemy in the opposing team. I even reported like 15 players that have joined any single type of activity of wintrading. IT IS NONSENSE I don't even know why I should keep playing if you remove rating from players that actually play the game properly....... Rating reseted are you actually kidding me I still can't beleive it ...
Here are the screenshots of the games we had with my team..............

I am in every single of those games......
And here is a video of us winning a russian team by even playing legit ... Mage POV

There is evidence of me and my team playing at 2.8k mmr and winning 2.8k teams ( that probably got banned aswell haha.... )

Way to go blizzard, ban the good guys and give lollypops to the bad guys.. It is so unfair...
I doubt ill even call the service line because I bet you are gonna tell me to create a ticket..
Anyways I don't see the point of playing anymore if you ban the good guys... Way to goo

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#8 - 2013/01/30 01:43:00 PM
While I in no way mean to be rude or question your honesty, I doubt that you reached over 2800 RBG rating in seven or eight games.

Our team of investigators went to great lengths in order to avoid getting any false positives. However if you wish to discuss this matter in more detail, you can do so in the main thread, here: