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#1 - 2013/01/29 06:07:00 PM
Hello and good morning to all :)

I'm a 20 year old from Ontario Canada. Currently upgrading my education in a College for general Business. I plan on going and furthering my education in University to pursue a career in marketing. I want to help market the games I love and the things I feel passionate about. I was wondering, since I missed the Q&A with Blizzard employees a few days back (really sad about that but, homework is homework) what it would be like to Market for a company like Blizzard.

I know you have many intern-ships within Blizzard in Irvine California, if I'm not mistaken. I notice a lot of those are art design, quest and story design etc. I have to do more research myself but I don't know if you guys have any marketing intern-ships. Also if an employee could even help me if they have the time, what would a day in the life of a marketing representative/employee at Blizzard be like.

I feel passionate about the games you produce and the products you deliver to the consumers. Want to be a part of that, I'm willing to take up University in a location close enough to get an intern-ship, or even just the chance to be at an interview. I would love some feed back, even if anyone works in a setting similar to Blizzard, in the marketing sector.

Have a wonderful day :)

PS: Alt account, that is why this toon seems low/low achievement points. I have played this game in great amounts 5years+.

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#5 - 2013/01/29 08:05:00 PM
Hello Hantusei.

While one of the requirements are for applicants to be studying at a university or college in the United States, there are internship positions with elements that could be related or relevant to marketing under Business Operations.

Summer 2013 internship opportunities

Never estimate the value of perseverance if you're interested in working in the video game industry. Hang in there and wish you luck in your pursuit of a marketing degree! :)

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#9 - 2013/01/29 09:54:00 PM
I have a quick question regarding being a Canadian citizen. With being Canadian, do you (meaning Blizzard) help with the process of actually getting over and having less troubles with boarder patrol etc?

I live in a pretty small town, actually a boarder city with America, so I cross frequently but only for periods of 1-2 days, never years and possibly if Thrall helps me a lifetime ^.^

You'll need a work visa to work in the United States if you're applying for positions in the Irvine or Austin offices. Depending on the level of position being applied for, assistance with relocation may be available.

Check out our Careers FAQ.