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#1 - 2013/01/29 10:02:00 AM
So to make a short story even shorter; I farm rare mobs. I'm an absolute sucker for the vanity items they drop and, given that they're at around a 20% drop rate, it often takes a number of kills before I get what I'm after.

Yesterday I had a somewhat unpleasant experience however, when I was not the only one farming a certain pandaren monk rare in Dread Wastes. A member of the opposite faction was there as well, and we both waited out around 35 minutes for the rare to respawn. By equal shares of speed and dumb luck, I managed to bag the kill when she eventually spawned - but she didn't drop what I wanted.

Rince and repeat three more times throughout the day - at which times the unnamed other farmer was there, and repeatedly slower than me at seeing and tagging the target.

This is where things take a nasty turn, as I'm soon being whispered by "anonymous" level 1 characters, that seem to be mysteriously deleted mere minutes after having sent me a load of harassing and insulting messages. I won't say what they entailed, but it wasn't your garden variety of casual "derp ur an idiot lol".

I reported the alts "for language", lacking any more specific options, but started to wonder - when you report someone, is that report strictly linked to the character that gets reported, or is it the actual account being flagged as reported?

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#6 - 2013/01/29 01:00:00 PM
While the initial report will be on the character the action taken is on the account, so even if the character is deleted the Game Masters will be able to see what was said and take action.