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#1 - 2013/01/24 06:50:00 PM
Ever since I was born, I always dreamed the day I could travel azeroth riding my brave Stallion. The day I could slam those barbarous Horde with my gigantic Mammoth. Even borrow some of those awesome Saberthoot to shred tear's of fear in my enemy's rank.

But I dreamed of something to big for my size. My leg are to short to ride a horse. Don't even ask me to climb an elephant. And somehow, tiger love gnome's meat.

I haven't lost hope. There might be a mount meant for my awesomeness somewhere in this word. Maybe something as little as me? Maybe something with wings? And loving carrots?

And then begans the "Quest for Wolpertinger!"


On a serious note, would'nt it be awesome to ride Wolpertinger as a Gnome?

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#6 - 2013/01/25 02:00:00 AM
For you, my little friend: Little White Stallion Bridle