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#1 - 2013/01/23 08:14:00 AM
I was doing my dailies today and because I'm decent at PvP I decided to flag myself for PvP while doing them.
Previously I've only had a Warlock and Monk attack me while questing when PvP flagged and they died so quickly I barely noticed they were there, but today was different in only one aspect.
Every time I've ever been attacked while questing it's been while I've been fighting 2 or more mobs and today was no exception, except that rather than one Horde player attacking me I found myself ganked by 2v1 for almost 3 hours while I was trying to quest. Eventually I got the better of them but at this point I was so frustrated I unflagged myself which made my victory over them rather hollow.

I fail to understand why it's necessary to attack someone who is busy with mobs, and in 2v1 no less. World PvP being what it is mind you I do understand that no amount of nagging or complaining is going to solve anything. To me it just seems that Horde are full of cowards, but then so is Alliance really because I've seen a full raid group of level 90s descend on an unsuspecting level 50-something. Why all the cowards out there?

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#41 - 2013/01/24 10:31:00 AM
23/01/2013 08:22Posted by Coriandra
And I would very much imagine if you were playing on the Horde you would find the same behaviour from the Alliance. PEOPLE are cowards, not a particular faction.

This! Very much this! :-)

Also, world PvP has never been fair. World PvP can be the most amazing experience, but often it is is a dog eat dog eat situation where people will do anything for a kill... sportsmanship be damned.