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#1 - 2013/01/17 06:24:00 AM
Hello everyone so me and couple of friends (around 7-8) just came back to the game
were all hardcore pvpers aiming for some high ratings but were all undergeared its bad enough were having to sit doing absolutely nothing since we are so undergeared (there is 0 chance to competitive even if we get high rbg raiting for like 3.4k cap or whatever). And now i read that gear difference with new honor gear will be massive when new season starts i mean come on?

How do you expect people who just came back to the game to be competitive at all when people who have t2 and [email protected]#$ are 15 ilvls ahead +2/2 upgrades + TIER 2 i mean seriously?

New season is supposed to be time of rerolling time of trying new stuff out, right now there is nothing for us to do until new season starts bcz gear matters so much and we cant get it ..

Please if you read this just rethink ur decision about the gear.

*All newly purchased Season 2 Malevolent gear, weapons and shields will have an item level of 476 (was 483). Existing Malevolent items are unaffected.*

Edit :

Most of the changes youve done so far to pvpers are pretty amazing it really looks like you started to care however the gear is still a huge issue , and know we appreciate everything youve done so far.

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#10 - 2013/01/17 10:31:00 AM
17/01/2013 09:32Posted by Ishaye
Blizzard made a blue yesterday about how MoP gear scaling is too good, and announced they have a blog post coming up on the subject of PvP gear. However don't expect changes until the next season.
As this is a very similar topic to the discussion happening in the thread you're talking about, please continue this discussion over there.

We are aware that entering an arena season late can frustrate some players. Hopefully the upcoming blog will alleviate some of your concerns in regards to this as I too know the feeling of entering an arena season a little bit too late :,(