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#1 - 2013/01/16 06:42:00 PM
You know what makes me really mad and is a huge disappointment to the community? The Blues reps.

I always looked up real high and with respect to the dev and blizzard blues.. But all the time people give their thoughts and opinion about how broken the daily grind is and how horrible the roadblock has been for casuals that can't spend a million hours doing dailies outside work/school/family etc etc..

I lost a lot of respect because ALL I have read from them have been "Excuses and dodgy answers" I would love them to MAN UP and at least agree there is something wrong, it doesn't take a genius IQ to see how broken the new idea of dailies has been.

But it's always a misleading answer or an excuse like "You are not forced to do dailies" Answers that make absolutely no sense at all.. And I totally agree with the blues being so deceitful and defensive towards the community *You guys used to be better, REMEMBER those days?* If you guys say something bad about the people you work for, you are in trouble.. But if you have nothing REAL to say please refrain from doing so? Because we aren't stupid; we can tell when an answer is totally full of it like they have been every time blizzard blues have anything to say about "Mists of Grindaria" or like a lot have been calling it.. "Mist of Dailycraft".

The problem is you guys went 180 degrees in the opposite direction which was removing tabards and adding a million dailies. This wasn't a healthy balanced solution. You preferred option A and completely ignored B. IF you guys would have dailies and tabards; it would be a perfect balance of opinions. The daily lovers will do their dailies even if theres tabards and the ones that don't have time for them could do the tabard runs. SIMPLE SOLUTION......

By the way... This read is very interesting too *link at the bottom*: Sadly is in the EU forums.. The Game master replying to the players is a perfect example of how pathetic their 'voice' has gotten when speaking to the community.

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#94 - 2013/01/17 03:10:00 AM
Questing is an essential part of World of Warcraft. In the past, we've opened up hubs of daily quests tied to a specific storyline, but not necessarily integral to that expansion's theme. This time around, we worked to expand the storyline by coupling the lore of Pandaria and the various zones you adventure in with the daily quests that become available. The ultimate goal is to provide players who aren’t raiding, and who do enjoy questing, something to do at max level beyond grind heroics. One of the main complains in Cataclsym was there was nothing to do, you sat in Stormwind and queued for stuff. Daily quests, if you want to do them, do in fact lead to getting more people out and about in the world. Giving people something to do outside of instances.

We still very much believe players do not have to partake in daily quests to progress. Items that can be purchased from a Quartermaster can easily be matched by items earned through raiding and PvP. What it all boils down to is each individual’s play-style. There are those who will only want to run dungeons and raids; those who only want to PvP; those who only like to work on their farm and do some Pet Battles; those who only like to earn achievements, and any combination in between. We’re trying to appeal to millions of different types of players as best as we can, and we understand that not every piece of content or decision is going to be everyone’s favorite. That’s why to a large degree you can pick and choose what you want to do. It may not always be the most efficient, but the option is there. You've specifically seen that we’re listening to feedback in the addition of the Grand Commendations which not only benefit your alts but make the Revered->Exalted run that much shorter. You’ll also see some changes to reputation gains in Patch 5.2 where a player can champion a faction and earn reputation for their first heroic and scenario runs of the day.

On a personal note, every single person I work with is absolutely, 100% dedicated to their job, to this company, and to our games. Your concerns are our concerns. We may not always agree with you, and you may not agree with us, but in those disagreements we can try to have a conversation and come to understand the motivations of each other. The goal here is to better explain why we’ve designed the game the way we have, rather than disagreeing to disagree.