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#1 - 2013/01/16 04:57:00 PM

I've been playing arena since season 1, every season (when I've played ) I've reached at least 2000 rating in 2v2 or 3v3 with different characters (playing between 2000-2300mmr).

Before this expansion I have never had problems to reach somewhat decent rating to increase my conquest point cap (to atleast 1,8-1,9k). Even if I started to play mid season I could easily get to those ratings with far worse gear by simply outplaying my opponents, but nowadays
I just get teabag'd by every freaking keyboard turner, S-pedalding better geared opponent.

In my case I started to play MoP mid November and from that time I've managed to get 1 (ONE)- 1 handed weapon with full upgrades and 3- pieces of Malevolent-set. If our opponents aren't as poor geared as us, we can't just simply even fight back, even if I think we played much better than them in those games, ofc we lose some by mistakes and by getting outplayed. (This includes normal battlegrounds as well). So it's really hard to even try to increase rating over 1500.

I assume most of you know how frustrating this can be.

TL;DR: Is this game so dumped down that you can't outplay people without having close to similiar gear? And is it useless to even play this game(or even try to have fun PvP:ing), if you didn't start playing at the start of MoP?

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#7 - 2013/01/16 06:19:00 PM
16/01/2013 17:06Posted by Faded
Yeah, I miss the times when you could actually outplay people and instantly tell if someone was a terrible player.

It is still entirely possible to outplay others in Arena even if their gear is better. Gear is not always a deciding factor in a battle; although it's definitely something that assists you in winning. If you are playing better than your opponent you should have higher, if not the same, survival, damage and/or healing and as such you will still have a good chance of winning even if your gear is worse. This is not to say that gear does not help in deciding the outcome of a battle, but it is not the only factor as your skills can make up for a lack of gear.

Just so you know though, the disparity in stats on the different levels of PvP gear is something which we are currently looking into. We have a blog that’s coming soon which will talk about all of the changes to PvP gear we have planned for 5.2 and beyond. These changes will hopefully be major quality of life improvements for PvP'ers, helping with both mid and late season entry as well as the large difference in power between Honor and Conquest point gear.

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#34 - 2013/01/17 08:49:00 AM
I wasn't talking about gear, although I do feel more hopeless against upgraded t2 geared people than I ever did against BiS pve stacked players with legendaries, heroic vials/deathbringer wills etc in earlier expansions.

What I meant is classes have been dumbed down so much that you can no longer tell if someone is a bad, average or a good anymore. For example, no one casts anything. Most damage and CC spells are instant. It takes no skill to spam instant skills. All of these instant casts and melee abilities have a snare attached to them. And basically every god damn spec has some kind of a pet that is there to annoy the [email protected]#$ out of you with their autocast instant CC and too high damage. I could give you hundreds of more examples. It's so incredibly easy to deal damage in this expansion.

The only way you can tell a bad hunter from a good one is if they keyboard turn and back peddle, aprt from that they might aswell all be played by the same player.
The number of instant cast spells that are in the game right now is something that we are looking into, there was actually a rather detailed post about instant cast spells, the number and frequency of CC. Let me have a looksy here for that...
What we are saying is that we are aware of your concerns with the current state of instant casts, CC as well as other topics and how it is that they impact your gameplay in PvP.

16/01/2013 20:55Posted by Talen
But gear is one inequality that can be removed and should be removed.
It is not entirely feasible to remove gear from PvP. I think that Sparx and Gramzivi have hit the nail on the head with this one. While you may appreciate simply getting some transmog gear or something similar as a reward, the essence of an RPG such as World of Warcraft is upgrading your character and this is what many people play for. So equal stats for all is not really the answer, it is solving the issue of stats disparity on the different levels of PvP gear.

What if your upgrade gear was the current PvE gear? One set for both? You'd still end up able to steamroller your way through game content...just not other players.
Doing something like this might mean that people start using PvP as another way to gear up for PvE rather than doing PvE itself, this is something we would rather avoid. We are fine with some cross-over where you can get gear that is usable, but not better than what can be acquired through the intended means.

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#37 - 2013/01/17 09:21:00 AM
17/01/2013 08:50Posted by Ðaeðric
It is not entirely feasible to remove gear from PvP.

And you know this because?
Because of those reasons already mentioned. While it might be possible to use a current system or to create a new one to perform such a task, it would most likely not happen because of those reasons already listed in my post.