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#1 - 2013/01/15 08:31:00 AM

Recently i have been leveling and i have a few suggestions. Starting in order or level

In WoTLK i was leveling with my friend i got 80 before him he was still 79 and we couldn't do random dungeon finder because i was 80. That needs to change.

The new WOTLK dungeons POS TOTC HOR ect are getting missed out because of item level. May i suggest removing them from the WOTLK dungeon list and add them to the Cata dungeon list and attune them correctly.

Throne of the Tides needs to have quests inside and not from the long quest chain

The Stone Core needs to have the quest added from the earth elemental chain.

The Cata dungeon Lost City Needs to be lowered to a lvl 83 dungeon there are no new dungeons at this level and its boring.

The cata dungeon Halls of Origination needs to be lowered to 83 and have quests added.

The Normal versions of the End time instances need to be attuned for Mop starter level.

There is simply not enough normal level dungeons in MOP consider adding lvl 88/89 versions of some of the heroic only dungeons.

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#3 - 2013/01/16 04:34:00 PM
Thanks for your suggestions, we’re aware that some dungeons are being somewhat missed out by players while levelling up, and I agree, they’re missing some really great PvE content.

I believe that one of the possible issues is that some of those instances are probably not tuned with the new players in mind, they were instances that were added late on previous expansions and so they are supposed to be harder and they wouldn't be a good experience for players levelling up for the first time. Tuning older dungeons (revamping quests, tuning bosses/mobs, items) is something that takes time and currently the focus is on level 90 content, but don’t worry, devs are aware of this, if there are any changes we’ll let you know.