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#1 - 2013/01/16 02:20:00 PM
What im trying to say is, loot in LFR , should be a reward for effort, and not only based on a random roll.

Atm we do dailys , 3 gold coins requires us to get 90 silver ones weekly , this is a below medium effort i mean just do a few dailys everyday and they are easy to get, with 1 gold coin we get an extra roll which might or might not give us an epic, from personal experience its mostly gold.The thing is if you let everything be random you could have situations where someone could not get loot for weeks in a row which totally sucks.

So why not make a system where the more effort you put the more chance to get an item, like for example: make a platinum coin ( yea i know they are actually not gold , silver coins and they are called elder charms or w/e ) which will cost lets say 200 silver ones, but this platinum coin will give 100% chance to get an item from a boss that we use it on therefore the effort of doing dailies to get a platinum coin is rewarded with an item in LFR.

While also keeping the current system with 3 gold coins for an extra roll, but my example will make the difference between players who put more effort into the game and play more they should be more rewarded then those who dont.

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#4 - 2013/01/16 02:39:00 PM
I think effort is certainly rewarded with the current system. Not only do you have the option to earn the extra coins that you mentioned, which gives you another chance at loot, but you can also earn Valor Points, which will give you guaranteed loot.

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