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#1 - 2013/01/13 11:14:00 PM

When i dinged 90 everything was easy, because i just quoted random dungeons and every item was good for me.
But now i need a single helm only. I need the Sholomance one so every day I just sign a Sholomance run. Tomorrow will be my 9th run :-\

I'm started Shado-Pan dailies yet for the epic helm... i think i'll reach revered with them more faster than my last blue finally drops.

When I played on my paladin, the helm is of course dropped for the first time i got Sholomance...
The fun of this funny thing is that; noone needed the helm and I won it by a disenchant roll... :-\
A feature would be nice; if I roll greed on an item and I win it; I could send them to my other chars.

But while we cant do this; can anybody suggest me something what to do to finally get that heroic helm?
I thinking about doing all other dungeons (so I'll locked on them) and after that random dungeons will only pop Sholomance for that day (?) But I'm not sure of it, and dont want to do all dungeons to fail on this plan.

Varga Károly

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#9 - 2013/01/14 04:27:00 PM
14/01/2013 03:26Posted by Tibana
Aaaand I tried to do some random and second one was Sholomance and the helm actually dropped! :)
That's the thing about RNG systems, persistence usually pays off. Congratulations and have fun with your new helm!