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#1 - 2013/01/09 08:38:00 PM
heres one i accidentally made up

The only thing that blows about enhance is u gotta pop like 10 cds before u do any damage.

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#31 - 2013/01/10 02:48:00 AM
A rough and tough veteran Tauren Warrior walks into an inn. He's a scary looking customer, grizzled, scarred and mean as a bag of ravagers. His hooves thunder on the floor boards as he swaggers up to the bar and orders a drink. The rest of the patrons are silent, petrified with fear. He finishes his drink, then goes outside to leave. He returns moments later, sweeps every patron of the inn with his steely gaze, cracks his massive knuckles, and in a low, dangerous voice utters, "I'm going to sit down and have another drink. If my Kodo isn't back where I left it by the time I'm done, I'm going to have to do what I did back in the Barrens. And I really don't want have to do what I did back in the Barrens."

He sits down, and orders another drink. In time he finishes his second drink, gets up, and stalks to the door to check outside. Lo and behold, his Kodo is sitting contentedly next to the Stablemaster, right where it belongs. A satisfied sneer on his face, the Warrior prepares to leave, but before he departs the Blood Elf that was tending bar timidlly asks, "Um, mister Warrior? What did you have to do back in the Barrens?"

The grizzled veteran gets a sad, far-off look in his eyes, and rumbles "I had to walk home."