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#1 - 2013/01/08 11:37:00 PM

So this makes it seem that Blizzard want to use the raid finder as the main gateway to gear up as they are not introducing new 5-mans next patch. Also must be why the ilvl for the next LFR tier is so high. Which kind of defeats the point of LFR, doesn't it? As LFR was not supposed to be a mandatory feature used to earn gear.

Thoughts on this?

I believe it will become very repetitive and boring having to go through the first raid tier to be able to move onto the second which will cause a negative effect for alts once again.


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#11 - 2013/01/09 10:19:00 AM
09/01/2013 00:06Posted by Elathin
So I can pretty much be guaranteed to get a full set of ilevel 483 in a few runs. But I need ilevel 486 for the next patch, which means I would have to spend valor on pretty much 15 items to upgrade them.

I wouldn't look too much into the ilevel 486 requirement for now. As the PTR is in constant development, things may change before the release of patch 5.2.

Even if it doesn't change, there's level 496 gear available outside of normal raiding which you can get as well, and would help you get to the 486 ilevel requirement.