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#1 - 2013/01/02 06:42:00 AM
So, I am quite happy!

After hours of grinding out Valor, I finally achieved the Test of Valor achievement.
So, I went and did the two battlegrounds. (Really, though? I didn't mind it so much, but I am sure as more people are doing this, I expect a lot of QQing from PvPers and PvEers alike.) I got up a small group to kill the Dominance Offensive Leader (FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!). And I got my socket:
Eye of the Black Prince

Now, I attached the socket and put a gem into my Kilrak, Jaws of Terror, which happened to also have my Crystallized Terror (...uh duh, lol).

I started thinking.... Is there a way to replace the Kilrak when a heroic version comes up? So I went over to The Black Prince, and I saw no such way to do so. Now I do not necessarily mind, as when I do get the heroic version, progression is over anyways.

But I am just merely questioning the possibility of either a bug or a tough decision to be made on the player (Do I really wanna socket this right now?). If it is the latter, it might be worth mentioning so somewhere in the quest or item itself.

Thank you.

TL;DR: Can the new legendary gem socket be replaceable? If not, is it a bug?

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#18 - 2013/01/08 06:03:00 PM
There’s currently no way to obtain an additional Eye of the Black Prince, and we’re aware it can create a situation where people are deterred from wanting to upgrade their items. That’s not the intent, we want you to use it and enjoy the upgrade then and there, and so we’re looking into a way for players to obtain additional sockets similar to how you can purchase additional legendary gems.